Funny / Frequency

The Movie

  • When John and Frank talk on the radio for the first time, though neither of them knows it yet. Frank criticizes John for not loving baseball.
    Frank: Let me tell you something. A thousand years from now, when school kids study about America, they're gonna learn about three things. The Constitution, rock and roll, and baseball.
  • John's talk with the six year old Gordo.
    Gordo: This is the Space Cowboy, I'm an intergalactic traveler from the Federation Planet Earth.
    John: Now this is important, something you've got to remember for a long time, Yahoo.
    Gordo: What's that?
    John: Well it's a magic word. it's like um. Like Abra Kadabra, but even better. Try it out kid. Yahoo
    Gordo: Yahoo.
    John: You got it space cowboy. Now go upstairs and write it down.
    Gordo: You got it Mr., I mean Santa Claus.

The Series

  • Frank reacting to Raimy giving a slew of information she got off the Internet during a talk. "Wow, your dial-up is fast!"
  • Raimy goes to meet a cop from another department, missing how he smirks at her entrance. She's professional as he finally remarks on "you never called me back." Raimy is then hit with flashes of how the two had a very steamy hook-up after a night of drinking and has to deal with a one-night stand she never met before.
    • She relates it to Gordo who starts reciting "shame" at her and when Raimy stands up to go, he yells "wait, I still have 87 shames left!"
  • Raimy is talking to Frank about a case and Gordo stumbles in, drunk, makes fun of Raimy for being a loser, and suggesting that she needs to get laid. All while Frank is listening over the radio. After Raimy sends Gordo on his way and an awkward silence, Frank says "So Gordo still lives next door huh?"