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Heartwarming: Fight Club
  • The narrator holding hands with his love interest while watching a few corporate buildings blow up to The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind". It's a friggin' date.
    • It feels oddly like the demolitions are a bouquet he's assembled for her.
  • Their conversation in the restaurant a few scenes before this one also has its surprisingly touching moments, as the Narrator finally confesses how much he cares for Marla, while she clearly reciprocates but can't tolerate being with him, specifically due to Tyler. According to the The Other Wiki, the Narrator's unwillingness to look for intimacy with Marla is part of what drove him to create Tyler in the first place.
  • A real life one is that many have said that the scene with Raymond K Hessel convinced them to go back to school and get their Masters' Degree.
  • The book's climax has Marla and all the members of the support groups she visited with the narrator all coming to save him, and she reciprocates her feelings back to the narrator. Unfortunately, the narrator tries to kill himself to stop Tyler, but only to save everyone else from Project Mayhem.
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