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Heartwarming: Dances with Wolves
  • The goodbye Wind in His Hair shouts from the cliff as Dunbar/Dances With Wolves and Stands With a Fist leave the Lakota to make their own home.
    Dances With Wolves! I am Wind in His Hair. Do you see that I am your friend? Can you see that you will always be my friend?
  • Stands With a Fist and Dances With Wolves/Dunbar's reunion after his capture at the Fort.
  • After months and months of gaining his trust, Dances With Wolves/Dunbar finally gets Two Socks to eat from his hand for the first and only time.
  • Wind in His Hair's words to Dunbar/Dances with Wolves as he's helping him dress for his wedding with Stands With a Fist:
    Wind in His Hair: You know, the man she mourned for... he was my best friend.
    Dances with Wolves: I didn't know that.
    Wind in His Hair: He was a good man. It has been hard for me to like you. I am not the great thinker Kicking Bird is. I always feel anger first. There were no answers to my questions. But now I think he went away because you were coming. That is how I see it.

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