Heartwarming / Cranford

  • When Deborah goes to the funeral with Jessie.
  • The ladies of Cranford donating their candles to Doctor Harrison so he can perform his operation on Jem Hearne's broken arm. Complete with an uncharacteristically heartwarming line from Deborah: "You're not in London, Doctor Harrison. You're in Cranford now."
  • Captain Brown's gift of a wooden coal shovel to Deborah as thanks for taking care of Jessie in his absence.
  • Major Gordon gave Jessie a bunch of anemones. He had courted her and she had accepted him before, but then had broken their engagement, having to take care of her ill sister. And now she receives anemones which means "love ever steadfast"... Major Gordon, that is well played. Jessie's feelings are genuine and it feels great seeing her happy.
  • Mr Holbrook entertaining ladies while they visit him, and the way he takes care of Miss Matty is very lovely.
  • Miss Pole procures a likeness of Mr Holbrook (the black profile style), knowing that Miss Matty will appreciate it.
  • Miss Matty giving the muslin to Sophy for her wedding dress.
  • Mr. Carter's last will, that helped both Lady Ludlow and Harry with the money he had invested.
  • Jessie Brown finally being able to accept Major Gordon's proposal, when she's been in love with him for years. Their song that that they share which they sang together is ever so sweet.
  • Miss Matty and the others reminiscing about the good times they had in the assembly hall.
  • Harry giving Mrs. Forrester a young calf, after the death her beloved Bessie. The look on her face and petting the calf is so adorable.
  • Mrs. Jamieson finally accepting her sister-in-law's marriage to Captain Brown.
  • "Peggy Bell, I love you. Will you please be my wife?" Just... damn. Damn.
  • Jem and Tilly coming home. The look on Miss Matty's face is just... indescribable.
  • Miss Galindo asking Harry to come live with her.
  • The final scene of Return to Cranford, with everybody happy and dancing a waltz in the rebuilt assembly rooms, showing that no matter what changes may come about, Cranford will endure. A shining example of Earn Your Happy Ending done perfectly, and capped off by this line from Miss Matty, when asked how Cranford can survive so much and still keep going:
    Miss Matty: Love, Mr Buxton. It is the final word.
  • The wedding of Sophy and Dr. Harrison. After the misery both of them went through, seeing them finally get to be happy is one of the greatest moments in a series full of great moments.