Heartwarming / Catherine Called Birdy

  • Catherine's brother Robert is a Jerkass, but he does pay an abbess to keep the bear Catherine saved from a bear-baiting. It makes her stop and wonder if he's really as terrible as he's always appeared.
  • Catherine's father, of all people, gets one. When he returns home and finds the village priest hovering around to give his wife last rites, as she's had a very difficult birth and looks likely to die, he throws everyone out and takes care of her until dawn. Catherine muses that she thinks he fought the Devil and won.
  • After Perkin's grandmother dies, he leaves the village for a while but not before saying goodbye to Catherine, and giving her his grandmother's cup, his thanks, and a kiss.
    • Catherine in turn gives him a picture she painted of his grandmother, looking happy and healthy in Heaven with Perkin and his flock of goats by her side.