Heartwarming / Casson Family Series

  • Book one, Saffy's Angel: Caddy, Indigo and Rose travel to Wales to get Saffy's Angel for her, and, in the end, Caddy fully restores Saffy's angel for her.
  • Book two, Indigo's Star: Tom's brusque concern for Rose when Indigo asks for him to escort her to the library.
    • This passage:
    "You'll laugh."
    "I won't. Tell me."
    "For Tom."
    Eve looked at Rose, and she did not laugh. She understood about hearts, even if she did not understand about money. She put an arm around Rose and hugged her tight.
    • To wit, this passage is about Rose wanting to buy a very expensive guitar for Tom from the music shop.
  • Book three, Permanent Rose: Rose and Tom's reunion in New York (as she'd always dreamed it would be) thanks to the intervention of Sarah and David.
    • Rose's stubbornness about her Precocious Crush on Tom, and how loyally she stands by him throughout the book as he hasn't gotten back to him since he returned to America, but Rose insists that he has tried.
      • This passage between Caddy and Rose after Tom has left:
    It had not seemed to matter that Rose was only eight years old.
    "More than eight," said Rose. "Nearly nine."
    "Darling Rose, even almost nearly nine-year-old's don't fall in love," said forgetful Caddy.
    Caddy tried very hard to comfort Rose when Tom had left. It was not an easy job. It was like trying to comfort a small, unhappy tiger.
    "Who said anything about falling in love?" growled Rose crossly. "Falling! Falling is by accident! I didn't fall in anything!"
    "Oh. Right. Sorry, Posy Rose."
    "And I am definitely not in love!"
    • d-awww. Rose is oblivious to her crush, which makes her furious denial over it so heartwarming.
  • Book four, Caddy Ever After: Indigo's reflection on Rose in the chapter that begins his sequence, and how she is rubbish at everything else but loving and art.
    • Rose doing special for Tom by making twenty Valentine cards that were all for him really.
  • Book five,Forever Rose: Tom choosing Rose and visiting England for Christmas as a present.
  • Book six, Caddy's World: