Heartwarming / All-of-a-Kind Family

  • Charlie and Kathy's reunion in the first book.
  • In the second book, Henny pretends to be a poor unfortunate girl in order to obtain a beautiful doll via charity. But on the way home, she gets the guilts and hands the doll over to a real homeless girl.
  • In the first book, when Sarah loses her library book and is saddled with the task of paying it off, all her sisters offer to chip in their own pennies to help her out. Sarah is practically moved to tears.
  • Every instance of Henny showing her maternal side towards little Charlie: bathing him and being super gentle at it, getting worried to the point of tears when he runs into the street during a carriage procession, comforting him when Mama goes to the hospital for her appendectomy.
  • The girls making every effort to help Guido in the second book, especially after his mother is hospitalized and dies sometime later.
  • Ella and Jules's first restaurant date. They're both nervous as heck, even though Ella thinks Jules is keeping his cool better than she is.