Heart Warming: Irredeemable

  • In Incorruptible #23, during their brawl Plutonian demands to know why Max isn't afraid of him. Max tells him that it's because Tony's Face-Heel Turn convinced him to try to become a better person... and he wants to thank Tony. This honest gratitude is one of the reasons Plutonian agrees to leave Coalville alone. This neatly ties into both character's stories - Plutonian's overriding need for love and gratitude, Max's desire to be normal - as well as their shared backstories - Max being a symbol for Pluto of his less than perfect secrets and one of the people that hates him above all else. For Pluto, Max's redemption certainly seems like the biggest thing an Ace could do and for someone looking for love/gratitude, having the person that hates you and whom you hate equally as strong thank you is also perhaps one of the biggest things that can happen.
  • The thought that Plutonian was reborn as Superman. He will start his life again... and become a true hero, though not quickly.