Awesome / Irredeemable

  • You gotta admit. Charybdis powering up and knocking the shit out of the previously unstoppable Plutonian is satisfying as hell.
  • For a mild and villainous example, just... just look at the expressions on the minor villains' faces when they come across the Plutonian warming a cup of coffee.
  • Incorruptible #23. Max manages to hold his own despite being sorely outclassed by the Plutonian. Then Max manages to get Tony to leave Coalville alone with the one thing that the needy Plutonian can't shrug off: honest gratitude.
  • Survivor, Kaidan and the Vespa showing up to beat the crap out of the Plutonian.
  • Set up in-universe. There's a terrible invasion by an alien race so technologically advanced that even The Plutonian (when he was still a good guy) can't stop them. It winds up being stopped by The Hornet, a Badass Normal who managed to make peace with the enemy race and get them to turn around and leave. It's his own personal Moment of Awesome and shut the mouths of everyone who doubted what a man with no powers could do on a team of superheroes. Then you find out what he had to do to pull it off. The comic is so devoted to deconstructing every comic book Trope that they even got this one.
  • Irredeemable #37: Qubit proves that he really is the smartest man alive by outwitting Modeus, saving the Earth, and stopping Plutonian in one fell swoop.
    • He does this by trapping Modeus in his head using his psychic shields, teleporting the magic-depowering-candle bullet into Tony's heart with a small explosive and then using this to blackmail him to using Bette Noir's corpse to gather up the deadly radiation. Tony succeeds, but the radiation is deadly to him as Qubit knew, so Qubit dissipiates the energy that is Tony's true form, his soul, through portals to other worlds, giving him the second chance that he promised.
    • He also effectively browbeats Tony into going along with the plan. When Tony starts to talk about how he's no simpleton and Qubit should stop feeling so confident...
    Qubit: Do you really want to gamble your LIFE that you're smarter than I am?
    • Qubit's plan becomes even more awesome considering who Plutonian was reborn as: Superman.
    • There's also the bit where Qubit threatened the whole Vespan Empire with a single Badass Boast.
    Qubit: That teleportal? One of those things that allows you to march your conquering empire across the cosmos? I invented those. They're mine. And I can take them back whenever I like.