Headscratchers / The Gifted

Here, I got into trouble for saying that this show does take place in the X-Men Film Universe. But in the Marvel Movies Wiki, I got outright BANNED (albeit temporarily) and called a "vandal" for saying that this show doesn't take place in the X-Men Film Universe, so...what gives? Who is in the right here, TV Tropes or the Marvel Movies Wiki? Is or isn't this show taking place in the X-Men Film Universe?
  • San Diego Comic Con had Matt Nix, the show runner and director of multiple episodes, say it was a completely different universe from the films.

So with mutant related crimes being both strict and sever, how is it that how is it that their uncle wasn't thrown in prison for harboring fugitive mutants? Not only does he seem to not get in any trouble, he still has enough pull to find out what's happened to Reed afterwards. Earlier in the episode he told Caitlin how he's been shunned since it was revealed he had mutants in his family.