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Headscratchers: RollerCoaster Tycoon
  • RE: roller-coaster tycoon 2. Why make an expansion pack fully focussing on new landscapes and scenery and not make the editor capable of actually selecting the new themes? It annoys the heck out of me how limited the editor is.
  • Not being able to unlock any new scenarios in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. One of the main reasons I liked the original over the sequel is that I actually have to put effort into playing the game in order to get new scenarios to play with. It's boring if you have everything available to you at the start.
    • It doesn't help that there are far fewer scenarios available in RCT2 than in the original anyway....
    • That's because most people don't buy the game to play challenges and advance levels, they buy it to recreate real-life coasters and make their dream parks and rides, which forces the need to have everything available from the beginnig.
  • Why do the same VIPs keep visiting every park? And why would a baseball player be called 'Joe Sluggerball' anyway? And visit theme parks in his baseball outfit and while carrying his bat? And why exactly does a large theme park have to leap through arbitrary hoops for one random celebrity guest?
    • Maybe they're hoping for an endorsement deal?
  • Coaster cars exploding when they crash? Just... Why?
  • Renaming a guest as "Mr. Bean" makes them drive the go-karts slowly. Yet in the TV series Mr Bean drives his Mini pretty fast and recklesslessly. He certainly ain't slow.
  • How can guests be so dumb that they get lost and stuck in a wide footpath? I've gone to theme parks that have even three times the size of the wide stipulated in RCT in their footpaths and I've seen no one getting lost, by the opposite I see it as a more comfortable, spaceful and safe place to walk than a narrow footpath they show.

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