Headscratchers / Green Eggs and Ham

  • I just realized something...SAM-I-AM IS A FREAKING MANIAC!
    • Considering that a sane person would just find someone else to offer the dish to, I concur, unless Sam has an ulterior motive.
    • He's like a drug-pusher?
      • No he's not. Green eggs and ham are not drugs.
    • Not meaning to be a Knight Templar, but aren't you reading somewhat disturbing meanings into a children's book? I always sort of saw it as a story with the moral that "you won't even know if you like something—until you actually try it yourself!" Granted, Sam does carry on with this more than a real person probably would, but how else are you going to fill a book and get all those rhymes in? Again, not meaning to be overly zealous, just saying.
    • Sam is that annoying kid from school who would never stop talking to you!
    • Sam is trying to get Sam-I'm-Not to accept the part of their food supply that was dyed green in a storage accident, so that he will be able to survive until it's safe to leave the bomb shelter.
    • But it wasn't an accident that made them green!
  • Am I the only one bothered by the warped aesop?: "Hey kids, if you're trying to get someone to try something, keep pestering the person until he or she gives in!!"
  • Why is the ham green?
    • Food colouring? From a special kind of pig?