Headscratchers / Green Eggs and Ham

  • I just realized something...SAM-I-AM IS A FREAKING MANIAC!
    • Considering that a sane person would just find someone else to offer the dish to, I concur, unless Sam has an ulterior motive.
    • He's like a drug-pusher?
    • Not meaning to be a Knight Templar, but aren't you reading somewhat disturbing meanings into a children's book? I always sort of saw it as a story with the moral that "you won't even know if you like something—until you actually try it yourself!" Granted, Sam does carry on with this more than a real person probably would, but how else are you going to fill a book and get all those rhymes in? Again, not meaning to be overly zealous, just saying.
    • Sam is that annoying kid from school who would never stop talking to you!
    • Sam is trying to get Sam-I'm-Not to accept the part of their food supply that was dyed green in a storage accident, so that he will be able to survive until it's safe to leave the bomb shelter.
    • But it wasn't an accident that made them green!
  • Am I the only one bothered by the warped aesop?: "Hey kids, if you're trying to get someone to try something, keep pestering the person until he or she gives in!!"
    • I agree. My opinion is that this story would have probably been better served if Sam-I-Am was offering the Green Eggs and Ham to several different people who haven't tried it before, and eventually finding one he could convince to try it, instead of continuously pestering the same person over and over.
  • Why is the ham green?
    • Food colouring? From a special kind of pig?
    • It's a Doctor Seuss book. Don't think about it too much.
    • Infused with spinach for extra vitamins?
    • Obviously Sam He Is was trying to poison his neighbor.