Headscratchers / Bugs Bunny

  • In "Rabbit Fire", Daffy gets a book titled 1000 Ways to Cook Rabbits from Bugs' rabbit hole. The question is, why would Bugs own a copy of a book about cooking his own species?
    • He 'found' it during his unaired episode featuring those aliens from "To Serve Man" episode from The Twilight Zone. He was going to burn it, but never got around to it.
    • Or maybe he keeps it around just to screw with us.
    • He likes horror books.
    • Simple—he stole it from an enemy as a souvenir. Besides, it only makes sense that he'd read up on the opposition in his spare time.
    • He could be preparing to escape in case one of those ways are trying to be applied.
    • This might explain how he knows the recipe for "Back Bay Bayou Bunny Bordelaise a la Antoine, and I don't mean Antoine of Flatbush!
  • Why is it that in "Baby Buggy Bunny" they edit out the scene where he shakes Finster, but not the scene where he puts finster in a washing machine and then throws him at the ceiling and "forgets" to catch him? Keep in mind, Bugs has figured out that Finster is not really a baby at this point. Even if it's because it looks like child abuse, so is putting the kid in a washing machine!
    • Because shaking him isn't outrageous and more of an issue since it could be seen as normal or imitated. Putting him in a washing machine is obviously not good, and less likely to be imitated or misconstrued.