Headscratchers: Big Windup

aka: Ookiku Furikabutte
  • Season 2 starts off on the same day as the Tosei match. Rio gets home and his brother tells him to "contact Tajima and trap him in a pit or something." But how could Roka possibly have known that Rio was all buddy-buddy with Tajima now?
  • What are the circumstances that led to Mihashi living in Gunma? Based on his parents' dialog and one omake they were in Japan for at least part of his middle school years.
  • Abe mentions in episode 1 that he's watched Hanai play before. But Hanai played at the middle school level while Abe played at the club (Little League Seniors) level. What circumstances would lead Abe to watch Hanai play?
  • Season 2, episode 12.5 - Why does Kurata, the Bijoudai Sayama catcher, use polite language towards Kawai (Tosei's catcher) when they should both be the same age (18) and on the same level?
  • How could Kanou be so convinced that nepotism had nothing to do with Mihashi becoming Mihoshi's pitcher when it flies directly in the face of all available evidence? Namely:
    • 1. He was pitcher for all 3 years of middle school. Meaning he was chosen as a first-year, when the team must have had second- and third-year pitchers already (and junior classmen must have come later). What's more he became the only pitcher for all 3 years.
    • 2. His record was completely lousy, but he was not replaced. Regardless of his potential, no coach would keep fielding a pitcher that bad unless he had a reason to.
    • 3. The 100% loss record would be awful for any baseball coach's career prospects and reputation. The only reason he would keep using Mihashi is if it would be even worse for his career not to do so.
    • 4. Mihashi pitched all the time, even for consecutive matches. No ordinary middle-school pitcher would have the clout to insist on this, and no coach would do that to a player he actually valued.
    • 5. At the practice game, the new coach mentions the only reason they accepted the game is because of the owner's grandson, so the favoritism is still in effect.
  • etc. Kanou is either so nice he can't admit it or too wrapped up in his personal rivalry fantasy that he can't think straight.

Alternative Title(s):

Ookiku Furikabutte
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