Gush / Natsume

Gush about Natsume games here!
  • The Harvest Moon games are wonderful. They're this quiet, peaceful little domestic game that serves as a nice break from the endless guns and gray-a-thons of the video game world. They're among the most relaxing games out there.
    • Seconded. Her friends and her mom tease, but this troper finds great comfort in watering little rows of virtual plants.
    • To that troper - check out Plant Tycoon. It's basically a virtual windowbox with soothing sound effects. The plants grow in realtime, and it's oddly nice to come home to see something's grown a new leaf while you were away.
    • I enjoy playing the harvest moon games a lot. I think it's because it's the first real video game (read: not some cheep flash thing) that had a dating element in it, and probably the closest thing to a full fledged Dating Sim that will ever be released in America.
    • This troper doesn't know what it is about those silly little games, but she'll pour absurd hours into each one, and she never seems to grow bored. They're the gaming equivalent of soul food.
    • This troper is agreeing wholeheartedly with everything said above. She owns 12 Harvest Moon games. They just feel so nostalgic and sentimental that it makes you feel like one big ball of fuzz when something good happens in-game.
    • This troper is a BOY, and even then, gets lost within the cute graphics of Harvest Moon. I'll even admit it, the romance-option aspect of the game is what drew me in in the first place. Everything in HM just blends so perfectly, good music, good graphics, and a ridiculously addicting game mechanic that leaves you begging "just one more day!"
    • And then there's Rune Factory, which adds dungeon delving and mothers to the formula. Ganesha's got it goin' on!
  • I'll take some heat for this, but Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals. They did change things from Lufia: Rise Of The Sinistrals (which also deserves a spot on this page), but I personally find it as a wonderful throwback to my childhood, but mixed with various things that have been picked up in the time between then and now. Don't jump to conclusions- the characterization is just as good as in the original version, if not even better, and all the songs are the same as in the original.
  • It's dishonorable to not mention Return Of The Ninja for Game Boy Color. The game had elements from Tenchu, such as the need to go as stealthy as possible through stages or else you would wound up full of enemies in the next screen. That and the fact the cards found by beating stages or trading displayed ninja tools and techniques. Some of the tools seemed to be a nod to Tenchu in terms of graphics. Plus, you can play as a Shinobi or as a Kunoichi.
  • The music in the Kiki Kai Kai series, especially Pocky & Rocky 2's shop music, manages to have a hook that never gets annoying. Add on awesome gameplay and ridiculously cute art and you have some damn perfect games.