Funny / Wild Knights Gulkeeva

  • In the second episode, Greyfus fixes Touya's bike after it broke while the two were racing and tries to test ride it. The second Greyfus sits down, the bike shatters in under a second. His knack for easily breaking things wound up becoming a Running Gag.
    • In another episode, Touya finds Greyfus tinkering with something and gets mad at him for trying to fix something that wasn't his without asking first. Without stopping what he's doing, or even turning to look at Touya, he pulls out the device Touya was given to detect Darknoids and claimed that he had "fixed it" (despite the fact that it was brand new and not broken at all). Within seconds of appearing on screen, the device shatters.
  • In the fifth episode's ending Melody's...relationship...with Greyfus.
  • In the sixth episode's beginning, Melody and the Animaloids are hiding under a table while a strange man visits so as to not blow their cover. Then Melody strokes Greyfus's tail. Hilarity Ensues.