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Funny: Twelfth Night
  • Any time Feste is on stage.
  • Malvolio's visit to Olivia's court after receiving her letter.
  • Malvolio's "exorcism" marks where Sir Toby Belch et al. take their joke too far, but still has some of the best lines in the play.
    Malvolio: Sir Topas, good Sir Topas, go to my lady...
    Feste/"Sir Topas": Out, hyperbolical fiend! Talkest thou nothing but of ladies?''
    • Especially the scene where Feste has an argument with "Sir Topas," switching back and forth between Topas's voice and his own.
  • The scene where Malvolio finds "Oliva's" letter. Especially the bit where Malvolio realizes the letters spell his name. In some productions, the hidden Fabian, Toby and Andrew all break out into applause.
  • Once Olivia lets Viola see her face, Viola chides her that she would be the cruelest woman alive if she went to the grave while leaving no copies of such beauty (i.e. kids) to the world. Olivia jokingly retorts that she'll leave an inventory of it in her will.
    Olivia: As item, two lips, indifferent red; item, two grey eyes, with lids to them; item, one neck, one chin, and so forth.
  • One civic theatre production even made a funny bit out of "My brother he is in Elysium.": During the Viola/Captain scene, there were signs pointing left to "Shore," right to "Illyria"... and up to "Elysium."
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