Funny / Turbo

  • The "abilities" (other than Super Speed) that Turbo acquires. Headlights, signalisation lights, radio...
    • The radio is the funniest one, with the hysterical faces he does.
  • The famous line...
    Whiplash: Listen, garden snail, you clearly got the skills to pay the bills. If snails had to pay bills, that is.
    • When Turbo takes that metaphor and runs with it, Whiplash is not impressed:
      Whiplash: Your trash-talk is needlessly complicated!
  • Whiplash prepping Turbo for a race.
    Turbo: Are you crazy?!
    (Whiplash smacks him)
    Whiplash: Yeah, I'm crazy! What made you think I was sane?!
  • "Tacoman and his sidekick, THE CHURRO?! Now THAT was OFF-THE-HOOK crazy!"
  • Tito thinking Turbo and Chet are a couple. Chet's angry and deadpan glare really makes it work.
    • Turbo really cannot help himself but just snicker through the whole thing, making it even funnier.
  • The whole sequence of the snails diverting and stranding the tourist bus in the strip mall. Chet's terrified screams and Whiplash's crazy laughter as the bus closes in on them is what sells it.
  • Burn's Stalker with a Crush moment on the way to Indianapolis, and Chet's baffled reaction.
    Burn: Hey, Chet! You're gonna be my boyfriend! I'm gonna call you "boo!"
    Chet: ...What does that even mean?
    • Made funnier by the fact that Burn is clinging to the windscreen wipers as they swing by.