Funny / Tubular Bells

  • The "Piltdown Man" section on side two, with Oldfield doing a screaming, growling caveman voice. The story behind it is as funny as the song: Branson was pressuring him to add a section with lyrics that could be released as a single, and in response Oldfield stormed out of the meeting, got smashed on Irish whiskey, and spent ten minutes "screaming his brains out."
  • "Altered State", which is the variant in the second album, is very silly, intentionally, with Oldfield now making ape-like sounds.
    Girl #1: Where's your mama?
    Girl #2: Where's she gone?
  • The original version of "Sailor's Hornpipe", starring Vivian Stanshall - with Mike Oldfield and the other musicians marching around the manor they were in, playing the song. And they were all drunk.