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Funny: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie
  • While Yoko and J are stuck in the Edo period, Yoko is panicking on what to do while J is rather indifferent on the issue. As Yoko and J are disguised, J is taking note of the surroundings with a magnifying glass while Yoko is dragging him around.
  • Poor Gorisaki being chased by a T-Rex.
  • Hiromu's reaction when Marvelous says he's eating chicken curry when they meet outside of battle for the first time.
    • Made even funnier by Yatsudenwani confirming it in the background.
  • When Usada makes it to the Edo period, Yoko and Gai are happy to see him, while J notes that the rescue was late.
  • J interrupting Jin mid-speech about how J will be Enter's opponent, and Jin fuming about it soon afterward.
  • The Kyoryugers' Early-Bird Cameo, when Red makes his big entrance, he realizes that he's the only member of his team present. Even better after you've seen some Kyoryuger - the team isn't much of a team at the beginning and so the first Kyoryuger to find out about the problem of the week - usually Daigo - often ends up asking the others what took them so long to show up.
  • The reference to Magiranger when Masato did the Magiranger hand pose.
    • It's funnier if you know the fact Tsubasa's actor also played Masato during Go-Busters. That's why during the Megazord Keys sequence, Masato finds himself in Magi King and says "this feels sorta familiar" or some such.
  • The various scenes during the end credits.
  • While the 4 other Go-Busters are talking to the 3 Buddyroids, J is found walking away faster than usual, Jin calling out for him.
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