Funny / Togainu no Chi

  • In Motomi's route, when Motomi jokes to Akira that they go to bed together, Akira pushes Motomi to the ground, irritated, then straddles him, taking off his shirt. This arouses Motomi... and yeah...
    • Then there is the morning after, where Akira hastily drinks water and chokes when Motomi mentions how hoarse he sounds, followed by Akira pointing out to Motomi that he buttoned his shirt a row off.
  • The scene from episode 4 of the anime in which Rin gets his Ho Yay on with Akira.
  • In both the novel and anime, before Akira goes off to fight in Igura, he wants to speak with Keisuke alone. But with cops constantly guarding him, how can he? By saying that what he wants to do might be something he can't do in front of others. Keisuke's reaction to the innuendo just makes it even funnier.