Funny / The Wonder Years

  • The Gym teacher's utter failure at drawing the female reproductive system ("It looks like a cow's head to me."). Then when one student asks Coach Cutlip to draw the whole woman so they know where everything is, Cutlip draws probably the worst drawing of a woman ever committed to film.
  • In "Pottery Will Get You Nowhere", Kevin tries to break the awkward silence by flinging mashed potatoes on Wayne's face.
    Wayne: Tonight, while you sleep, pal.
  • In "Night Out", Kevin's Imagine Spot of Winnie's father freaking out over Kevin taking Winnie to a make-out party.
  • In "Faith", Kevin has to write a eulogy for himself, and Wayne "helps out":
    Wayne: "Kevin was born a butthead, he lived a butthead's life, he died a butthead." Did you get all that?