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Funny: The Hooker with a Heart of Gold
  • In Part 3, before Janet enters Steele's house, Don gives her a pep talk on trying to remain calm as it will give her the best chance of surviving. He manages to get her to stop hyperventilating and tries to calm her down. She tells him that everything he's saying is bullshit, which he agrees on, and she promptly starts hyperventilating again.
  • Zalman gives the hooker an angry speech on how he refuses to let anything that he feels belongs to him go, and he gets sidetracked while explaining his shitty movie collection. The hooker even rolls her eyes- Zalman just goes on and on.
  • The hooker wakes up after she and Doctor Rogen have sex and finds that he fell off the table and slept on the freezing floor.
  • After Rogen repaired Steele, Steele asked him what he wanted- "Money, women, a new basement?"
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