Funny / The General

The General
  • Fatima's thoughts about attending a mass wedding for some of Raj's soldiers:
    Civil Government convention was for ladies to weep when guest at other people's weddings - the ceremony had been beautiful, she had a lovely new dress - and Gerrin and Barton had promised her another present as well, fitted to the occasion. It was hard to cry under those circumstances.
  • Raj to Center as he squirms through a narrow spot in a semi-squashed tunnel under the walls of a besieged city:
    "Do not tell me how much it weighs!"

The Buster Keaton film
  • Johnnie Gray trying to fire, and later, avoid, the rail mortar.
  • There's also the time when Johnnie sees his girlfriend putting in a small piece of wood in the locomotive's furnace and he sarcastically presents an even smaller piece for her and loses his temper when she puts it in without recognizing the spirit of the gesture.
    • Now imagine that with Keaton's trademark stone face instead of the sarcastic face you might see if that was done in a modern film. That's why Keaton's one of the masters.