Funny / The Apple Dumpling Gang

The Apple Dumpling Gang
  • Theodores often repeated plea to Amos.
    Theodore: Will you stop tryin' to think!
  • Everytime Amos and Theodore tried to rob the bank, every single time!
  • When Theodore and Amos first try to steal the gold.
    Theodore: It's a piece of cake.
    Amos: You mean it ain't gold?
  • Let's be honest, just about every scene with those two is a CMOF.

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
  • The name of Amos's donkey is Clarice, now at face value that's a fine name. The only problem is Amos clearly could not tell he'd named his male donkey Clarice! Talk about a new level of stupid.
  • The scene where the enraged Sergeant Slaughter loudly tells his subordinate, in lengthy detail, what to say to cavalry-stockade prisoners Theodore and Amos, who are tied up right next to them. ("You tell these men they're gonna stand here in the blazing hot sun...") He finally finishes and stomps off, and the subordinate turns to the prisoners and.. starts repeating verbatim everything the sergeant just said.
    Theodore: [gentle kindness] We.. we heard him the first time, Corporal.