Funny / Spy vs. Spy

  • There was one strip where white spy manages to trap black spy in a bottle with his boat and displays him in his office like a ship in a bottle.
  • One of Prohias' early strips also had white spy use a woodpecker in another room to fool black spy into thinking he is communicating in morse code and causing black to get confused and flustered trying to decipher the nonsense being tapped out by the woodpecker. By the time White opens the door to check on him, Black is buried in papers.
  • One strip where the spies paint themselves in each other's colors without the other's knowledge to pull a trick...and then run into the other spy, who now looks like themselves. This either confuses them so badly or causes a big enough existential crisis that they both have to go see a psychiatrist. The same one. At the same time.