Funny / Return of the Living Dead

  • The entire "Send more..." Running Gag.
    • Burt whacking Tarman's head off with a baseball bat. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • In the second film:
      Severed Zombie Head: "Get that goddamn screwdriver out of my head!"
      • In Rave to the Grave: "Come on, Chuckie, we're frat brothers we're supposed to share everything!" "Especially when it comes to INTERNAL ORGANS!" It may sound incredibly dumb (because it is), but the way its said is absolutely hilarious.
  • "Brains!" (later) "MORE brains!"
  • The scene with the cadaver. There's a loud banging noise coming from behind the door where the cadaver is being held, as well as what sounds like someone screaming. So, filled with fear and curiosity, Frank, Freddy, and Burt open the door, and a screaming, bald, naked yellowish man runs out of the room and leaps onto Burt.
    • Actually they knew what was behind the door, and were attempting to put it down when they opened it.
  • The immediate aftermath of Frank, Freddy, and Burt's attempt at disposing of the yellow cadaver. Cut to a scene of the corpse being held down, screaming and kicking with a pickaxe buried in its skull.
  • Linnea Quigley's early deadpan dialog as Trash.
    "I like death."
  • Burt's initial Blatant Lies about what they're trying to burn, claiming it's "rabid weasels"