Funny / Quincy, M.E.
aka: Quincy

  • The introduction-Before every show, there was a clip shown with Quincy addressing interns, or perhaps graduates from medical school. They stand there confident and proud while Quincy proceeds to tell them about the difficulties and challenges of being a Medical Examiner. Then he pulls back a sheet presumably showing them a body that must be mutilated in some way, we never see it. However, the entire group passes out from shock except for Quincy who very wryly and mischievously peers down at the fallen group. Of course, this is actually from one of the early pilot episodes, in which Quincy had to leave but Asten made him stay to give this demonstration to several new police recruits. He deliberately makes it as fast and as squeamish as possible, knowing they would all pass out in short order.
  • The episode in which Asten gives out beeping pagers to his staff features Quincy rebelling against these horrible beeping devices by switching his and Asten's pagers. Asten is too clueless to figure out the ruse, only managing to become confused when "his" pager beeps every time he calls Quincy. The episode ends with the pair dumping their "defective" pagers into a mug of beer at Danny's. Although later episodes indicate this didn't quite work, since Quincy carries one in later seasons.

Alternative Title(s): Quincy