Funny / Pure Pwnage

  • The keyboard battle between Jeremy and Teh_Masterer in Season 1. "Console style!" "Arcade style!"
  • One scene where Doug JUMPS OUT OF A TREE while Jeremy is giving a routine monologue had this troper falling out of his chair.
  • Dave trying to back out of going with Jeremy to talk to Anastasia about Jeremy deleting her World of Warcraft character. "Dude! You deleted her shit!"
  • The celebratory dancing Jeremy does when he is off the hook for deleting Anastasia's Level 70, full tier 5 World of Warcraft character. Anastasia actually took the time to do more real life things when it happened and never found out Jeremy was responsible.
  • "Your pony died cuz it wasn't pretty enough? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"*