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Funny: Prom
  • Tyler decides to invite Lucas to a lacrosse team barbeque, provided he brings a girl with him. Corey immediately has Lucas invite Simone, and decided to check his fly, armpits and asks him to breathe on him, making sure that he doesn't ask her out with "butt mouth". Simone ends up interrupting, asking about what they were doing. They end up replying "extra credit", before Corey shyly slips away. It's a little bit tragic after watching the movie once and finding out Tyler's real motivation in inviting Lucas, but funny nonetheless.
  • After Nova gets Distracted by the Sexy, the following exchange occurs.
    Nova: I was just taking inventory of this...bucket
    Jesse: That'd be one
  • The dress shopping scene including a part where Jesse gives Nova a cocktail dress to try on and she rejects the idea.
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