Funny / Nightside

  • A Hard Day's Knight had me rolling in a few places. The scene where they visit the cleaners had me unable to open my eyes and look at the book without doubling over laughing for five minutes. For just half a page. And that's not the only place that did it for me... just the breaking point after which I couldn't hold it in.
  • In Hell To Pay, Chuck Adamson - the God of Creationism. Who quickly pisses John off, and is subjected to a Logic Bomb worthy of Tommy Oblivion.
  • Alex's reaction when he finds out that John is now dating Shotgun Suzie.
    ...Ten out of ten for courage, mate.
    • The scene where John discovers that Alex is dating his secretary Cathy is pretty amusing too.
  • The lovely exchange between Alex, Dead Boy and Tommy Oblivion in Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
  • Any time someone introduces Suzie. It's her list of aliases:
    So ... Suzie Shooter. Also known as Shotgun Suzie, also known as Oh God, it's her, run! The only woman ever thrown out of the SAS for unacceptable brutality.
    Also: Also known as, Oh, Just Shoot Yourself In The Head And Get It Over With, Already.
  • When a guy who tries to stiff Taylor summons lizard men with "muscles on their muscles" for protection:
    "This is what you called us for? John bloody Taylor?! Are you mad?", followed by "Right, we don't do lost causes."