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Metal Fusion/Metal Fight

Metal Masters

  • It's Team Japan against Team Russia. Team Russia rigged the arenas so they could have an advantage over team Japan(See the Karma Houdini entry on the main page for more details). Yu is currently battling Aleksei in a stadium that nullifies Libra's sonic wave attacks. Then, when Yu seems to be getting desperate, He starts aruging with Ginga, who proceeds to give a rousing speech on how Yu's a genius and how one must put a lot of effort to defeat another genius. Then this happens:
    Yu: Gingi!!
    Ginga: Do you understand me!?
    Yu : What's effort?
    Facefault ensues.
  • Upon Enzo's loss to Masamune:
    Enzo: Amazing? Not so much...
  • The Furious DJ Battle: just the entire episode.
    Dashan: If you close your eyes, it SOUNDS like an amazing battle.
    • There's also the fact that Hikaru seemed to know the rules of the World Championship tournament better then Ryo did.
    • Ryo's moping about not being able to join Gangan Galaxy, as well as Kenta and Wang Hu Zhong's reactions to not being able to join, either. Both are accompanied by overly dramatic background music.
  • While Dr. Ziggurat is going on a rant about how Twisted Tempo's gravity allows it to bend space and time and about how he used Einstein's theory of relativity to create the strongest bey in the world, Gingka and Masamune just look at him with dumbfounded expressions.
    Gingka: Is he speaking English?"
    Masamune: I think he's having a stroke!

4D/Metal Fury
  • Every fricking time Yu and Tithi call Kyoya "Yo-Yo".