Funny / Le avventure del grande Darth Vader

  • According to this post in, a Crowning Moment of Funny occurs in episode 26 when a character is asked about the status of his AROS distribution and he replies: "We finally have the browser; unfortunately, the Internet connection doesn't work anymore." It's also funny because the character making that remark and the person making the post on the newsgroup are one and the same, and that was the real situation of Icaros Desktop at the time.
  • According to this post in, another one occurs in episodes 26 and 27 when a spammer who has been the butt of many jokes in the newsgroup finds his car vandalized (the windows broken, the wheels and the engine stolen, graffiti all over) and calls a mechanic, only for DARTH VADER to show up and diagnose the problem as "driveshaft ovalization". Then the following dialogue takes place between the spammer and DARTH VADER:
    • "Are you kidding me? It's a complete wreck!"
    • "Yeah, I can see you didn't keep it very well, but don't worry, it will be fixed in two or ten days."
    • "Ten days? Then I can just leave the car here and take a train!"
    • "Uhm, I don't know if the railways sell them, and if the driveshaft of a train ovalizes, that's tough shit!"