Funny / Jesse Stone

  • In High Profile one of the Governor's men comes to see Jesse about the murder and generally acts like an ass for the entire time he's there, and after he leaves in a huff Molly says that she gave him a parking ticket, and they high five.
  • In Stranger in Paradise Molly delivers another when she's taking notes as Miriam Fiedler, an ornery woman who doesn't want a school for mostly Hispanic poor children to be built near her property, complains to Jesse. When Fiedler demands to know what Molly is writing, Molly reads off "No spics on Paradise Neck" and Fielder flips out and leaves. When Jesse asks Molly why she did it she replies that Fielder was driving her crazy, and as a reprimand Molly can't talk dirty to him for the rest of the day, to which her response is "Oh God, not that."