Funny / Impossible

  • In the third book, Unthinkable: the faerie prince, Ryland, is rather snarky and rude to Fenella when she begs his sister, the queen, for help. The queen is somewhat annoyed by him too, though, so she declares that he is going with Fenella to the human world to aid her in her tasks. And not only that - since his normal form is a manticore, he has to be put into another form. She turns him into a cat... with a heart shape on his chest.
  • In the first book, while Zach agrees to help Lucy, Leo, and Soledad with their research into the curse on the Scarborough women, he has his doubts as to how real said curse is. The narrator says how he'd see the three involved in their parts of the research and think "We formed the Fellowship of the Ring when we should've all just gone on medication."