Funny / Guilty Party

  • Chapter 5's opening cutscene. The anchor's missing! So is the steering wheel! The ship could run aground! Isn't the captain bothered?
    The Captain: Why do I care? I'm on a cruise!
  • There's also Max's reaction when Mr. Valentine is finally unmasked.
    Rudy: Uncle Max! Who's going to be our archnemesis now?
    Max: [eating a donut] Don't. Care.
  • Chapter 6's opening cutscene. The singer woefully asks the group to find out who dropped the grand piano onstage.
    Griselda: Nein, Nein, Nein. You must find out who did this to my toots, ya?
    Max: Well actually...
    Griselda: (Swings in her spear, point at Max's cheek) Ya?!
    Max: Ya, ya!