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Funny: Braindead
  • Father McGruder's amazing kung fu skills. "I kick arse for the Lord!"
  • Lionel taking the baby zombie out for a a day in the park.
    • One of the main highlights of the park scene is seeing two distraught women watching a baby be pummeled, before cutting to a drunk cheering and smiling at the act.
    • Also, his explanation for beating up the baby.
    Lionel: Hyperactive.
  • The Nazi veterinarian's final line, somehow made better by his accent rendering it almost incomprehensible: "Do you want a syringe, or are you going to sniff?"
  • The morgue scene, when the mortician and his assistant left Vera's body while the embalming fluid was still being pumped into her. It goes as well as you might expect.
    Mortician: Cranial blowout!
  • The entire opening scene.
    • The zoo official showing the permit to the natives. "Permit! Perrrrr-mitttt!" And then their reaction.
    • "You've got... THE BITE!!!"
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