Awesome / BrainDead

  • "Party's over," as Lionel enters the scene in the climax with * that* lawnmower strapped to his chest. What follows is arguably the longest, goriest scene ever filmed.
  • Lionel finally standing up to his mother in the climax, and confronting her about what really happened to his father.
  • Uncle Les, despite being a greedy, lecherous Jerkass, manages his own crowning moment when he takes up two cleavers and starts hacking the approaching zombies to pieces, dancing on the spot and roaring with laughter. Minutes later, we cut back to find him soaked with blood and smoking a cigarette besides a massive pile of still-twitching limbs.
  • Father McGruder the Kung Fu Priest, and his fight against the zombies before his demise.
  • Paquita gets one when she finally gets to kill the zombified Uncle Les. She rips his spinal cord out (with his head still attached), spits in his face, then twirls the cord around before slamming it down on the floor, bursting his head like an overripe melon.
  • It's easy to miss because the scene is focusing on Lionel hanging upside from a cord (Long story), but Paquita and Rita fight their way up a zombie filled staircase with only a coat rack and an umbrella.
  • On a meta level, this movie, more than 20 years after its release, STILL holds the record for most fake blood used in a film production.