Funny / Another

  • The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment (which is Kouchi's Imagine Spot) during Episode 6. That spells out what the audience think they will do if they were in his shoes. Doubly funny due to the nature of the rest of the show.
    • Speaking of which, Kouichi's facial expression when the scene cuts back to reality.
  • Episode 8 is pretty funny being a Breather Episode. Until the end.
  • Episode 2 had a funny moment in an otherwise Uncanny Valley setting. Kouichi visits the doll shop for the first time and sees the doll that resembles Mei. The doll "speaks" to him, obviously freaking him out, but it turns out to just be Mei standing behind the display. What makes this more funny, was that he thought Mei was actually a doll to begin with.
  • The exchange between Mei and Teshigawara after Kubodera kills himself.
    Teshigawara: You really are weird Misaki. You talk like this doesn't involve you. It doesn't make any sense.
    Mei: Do I?
    Teshigawara: Could it be that you're actually the extra this year? Ever thought about that?
    Mei: No but it could very well be you, you know.
    Teshigawara: Me? No way, don't even joke about that.
    Mei: There's really no way?
    Teshigawara: NO NO NOOOO!!!! I have no memories of dying. And not to brag, but I remember all the shit I got into as a kid.
  • The ferris wheel scene. It starts with high dramatic tension with a student dangling from the ledge, before finally having to let go... And end in pure Bathos as that student was already safely on ground level by the time she let go.