Funny / Alien: Resurrection

  • Alien Resurrection also has several moments of humor, though mostly dark comedy.
    • Captain Elgyn of the Betty giving an officer on the Auriga his authorization.
    "Here is my authorization, son; it's E.A.T.M.E.
    "I'm sorry sir, could you repeat that please?"
  • "Intruder on level one. All aliens please report to level one."
  • Ripley has just been captured by the aliens, but the others are forced to flee and are unable to go back and help her.
    Call: "We can't leave her! This isn't right."
    Purvis: (gloomily) "I've been telling myself that all day..."
  • Johner and Vriess screaming on re-entry.
    Johner: "What's burning?!"
    Vreiss: "US!"
    Johner: "SHIT! You're right!"
  • A deleted scene has Ripley asking the scientists if they're from Weyland-Yutani. Turns out WY doesn't exist anymore - it was bought out by Wal Mart.
  • When Gediman is trying to teach Ripley how to say "fork" and tries not to laugh when she pronounces it like "fuck".
  • DiStephano's Skewed Priorities upon finding out Call is a robot. He starts geeking out right in front of her and looks positively giddy to meet an android.
    • Purvis' reaction:
    Purvis: Great. She's a toaster.
  • A Call-Back to Ripley pulling out a Xenomorph's inner mouth and handing it to Call as a souvenir. When she gets into a fight with Johner, she grabs his tongue and asks Call if she wants another souvenir.
  • Ripley manages to join the Betty crew at the last minute.
    Johner: I thought you were dead!
    Ripley: Yeah, I get that a lot.