Funny / Absolute Boyfriend

  • When Night insists on tagging along with Riiko to school in the manga, she tells him he's going to have to lay off the PDA. Night asks, "What?! So I can't hug you, or kiss you, or take off my clothes?" Riiko responds, "You were going to?"
  • Riiko and Soushi's exaggerated reactions upon going through a warp-portal to the Kronos Heaven company, yelling, "This is a Sci-Fi manga!?"
  • Riiko's hijinks when trying to avoid people figuring out that Night is a robot during his brief malfunctioning period. This includes stuffing a cigarette into his ear when people begin to notice there's smoke coming out from it and she says it's part of a joke act.
  • When Soushi tries to point out the absurdity of choosing to date a robot, he's suddenly stopped by a strong punch and it's Night! a tiny, palm-sized robot body.
  • Gaku stating that Night can fire off thirty rounds a night! Including a subtitle stating 'Death To Mortals'.