Fridge / Tropico

  • Fridge Brilliance: In election speeches, El Presidente will say that the island's rebels are "anarchists, who could not care less for this island". This mirrors the real life way in which many people believe anarchists to have no political ideas, only a desire to blow things up. Similarly, he will often say that "there will always be problems, especially in the current economic situation" even if your economy is booming and you're raking in the money.
    • In Tropico 4, even after being accused of assassinating the president of the United States, your very next mission will start with you having good relations with other countries, even receiving foreign aid from them. This is because you end the mission in which you are framed by purchasing a new identity.
    • In Tropico 3, El Presidente's speeches often include the line "Alas, I am nothing but a humble servant, and you are my masters. My employers." It starts out annoying that it's repeated so often, until you spot the insincerity in the voice (particularly true of the male voice actor's performance) and realise this is how he's won every election so far, why stop saying it now?
  • Fridge Horror: Tropico 2 has brothels. The fridge horror comes in when you realize that, since only captives can be employed as wenches, and they aren't even getting paid, they are probably being forced into sex slavery against their will.