Fridge / Penny Arcade Adventures

  • Fridge Brilliance: The sanitarium patients look similar to and have the same weaknesses of the Clowns from Pelican Bay and the Mime Cult. This probably means that they were institutionalized after the events of Episode 1.
    • The gold plated bolt puzzle from episode 2. You're tasked by Anne to retrieve a gold plated bolt and are later offered several sizes of regular bolts, from 12mm to 15mm. Later on, you find a machine that gold plates *anything*, so naturally this is the answer to gold plating your bolt! Wait a minute, the plated bolt isn't accepted by Anna, it's not the right one... because when you add the gold layer, the bolt becomes 1mm THICKER. You need to ask for the one that's one unit smaller, so the plating will increase it to the right size.