Fridge / Dungeons of Dredmor

Fridge Brilliance:
  • The description for existential damage states that it may or may not exist. Seems like a fun joke, and for people who simply play the game it is. But if you try to mod the game and experiment enough, you will find out that the game defaults to existential damage if no valid damage type is declared; thus, whenever one declares something to deal existential damage they can't be sure if the declaration does anything or if the game simply defaults to existential damage because existential damage isn't a valid damage type in the code (which would mean it doesn't exist, amusingly).
  • Displacement glyph traps are described as "satanic". Two Synonyms for "annoying"; namely "infernal" and "fiendish", actually mean, at the root "from hell" and "pertaining to daemons".