Fridge / Digimon Masters

  • Fridge Horror: In this game, Digicores are commonly found by scanning mercenary eggs, and can be traded off in various items depending on the amount, however, if you go on other versions of Digimon, you will get to know a Digicore is basically a Digimon's soul, and you can have as many of then as you want, however, as you trade then off to DATS and their very description mentions it being used for research, it might not be so bad afterall.
    • ...and then we get back to how you get then, by scanning mercenary eggs, a mercenary egg is an egg left behind by a Digimon, much like they do in the source material to be reborn, you are ripping away the Digimon's chance to be reborn, simply because you need his soul to something else, What the Hell, Hero?!!