Fridge / D.E.B.S.

  • How in the hell is Dominique able to sneak random guys inside the house? Even Lucy still had to use some sort of glass cutter.
    • She didn't. Max said that no boys were allowed "upstairs after curfew". So she had the boy come over and visit normally before curfew, then let him stay longer than he should have. Besides, there's a slight difference between having somebody over and having a supervillain come to visit.
  • How exactly did Lucy and her gang rig the bank vault so quickly? They installed a Descending Ceiling with Spikes of Doom in only a few minutes!
    • That was a bank security feature. They just needed to stop it going off until the D.E.B.S. arrived.
  • The team searching for Amy beats up Lucy's goons, finds Amy in bed with the supervillain, and... just leaves. Lucy Diamond, trapped and unarmed, and they just let her go!
    • They were shocked, when someone is that caught off guard they forget major details.