Fridge / Camp Nowhere

Fridge Horror:

  • After the camp is busted, Dennis attempts to take the heat with a phony confession. He begins by saying that his plan was to find kids with money, get them away from their parents, win their confidence with junk food... At this point, the viewer sees the expressions of dawning horror on the faces of the parents. A kid watching the show might attribute those expressions to the idea of their kids eating junk food — especially given that many of the parents thought they were sending their kids to fat camp. However, to an adult, the beginning of Dennis' pretended scheme is how child sex predators actually operate. No doubt, these parents are horrified because they expect the next words to come out of Dennis' mouth to include "molestation" or "child pornography".

Fridge Logic:

  • The kids order a bunch of Super Soakers, electronics, and the like, and they're all delivered via several delivery trucks. At one point, a delivery man is seen asking, "Who ordered a chainsaw?" This raises the question: do none of the deliverymen question what's going on, or do none of them question WHY unsupervised tweens would even want a chainsaw?