Fridge / AKIRA

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Espers' psychic forms as a car, rabbit, and bear in the anime during their attempt to assassinate Tetsuo symbolizes their true nature. Masaru being a car represents his polio disease, which leaves him unable to walk, and his reliance on a wheelchair to move. Kiyoko being a rabbit represents her being physically weaker than her friends (and because rabbits are frequently preyed on by larger animals) so she constantly relies on Takashi and Masaru to protect her. Takashi being a bear represents his quiet and pacifistic nature, but also his willingness to fight if his friends (especially Kiyoko) are threatened.

Fridge Logic
  • In the manga, after Tetsuo damages the moon, the tides on Earth become much more extreme. Why? The moon hasn't gotten any closer to Earth, and the total mass of the moon and its ring shouldn't be any different than the moon's old mass.
    • The chunks of the Moon are much closer to the earth. Many of them actually impacted on the surface, and it's 70% water...