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Film: The Wicker Man

Two films; there are tropes for both on this page. Robin Hardy's original film was made in 1973 with Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle. It's a sort of suspense/horror/folk musical. Neil La Bute remade it in 2006 with Nicolas Cage.

To sum it up it in the nicest terms possible: The original is generally considered to be an influential Cult Classic within the horror film genre, and the remake is mostly viewed as inferior, and is probably better remembered for its moments of unintentional funniness than for being scary.

In 2011 Robin Hardy released The Wicker Tree, a companion piece of sorts based on his novel 'Cowboys for Christ', with Lee appearing in a cameo (but not, as some have reported, as Lord Summerisle).

The original film provides examples of:

The remake provides examples of:

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