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Film: The Master Mystery
This American movie serial from January 1919 starred Harry Houdini in his first major screen role. He played Quentin Locke, who worked for a patent company while secretly investigating it for the government. The company bought up inventions and refused to market them. Brent, the president of the company, has started to repent, but Balcom, the vice-president, vies for control of the company.

After a mysterious threat, Brent is poisoned by gas that induces madness, and the company is menaced by an automaton with a human brain inside, created by the mysterious "Q". Much of it is an excuse for the hero to get captured and escape a lot, showcasing Houdini's talents.

The existing parts of the serial were released on DVD in 2008 by Kino Video, along with all of Houdini's other existing films.

This serial has examples of:

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alternative title(s): The Master Mystery
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